Kingdom Initiative

Lead Team
The Lead Team will be calling our church into a three-year process called the Kingdom Initiative. They will be leading various teams that will help to organize the activities.

Kingdom Initiative Lead Team Members
  • Chairman: John & Robi Walton
  • Ad Hoc Member: Paul & Kelley Boyd
  • Ad Hoc Member: Dale & Diane Hildenbrandt
  • Prayer: Jesse & Peggy Hughes
  • Promotion: Bob & Cindy Crichton
  • Event: Steve & Tammie Cross
  • Follow-Up: Tedd & Lisa Comerford
  • Pastor Pete Tackett
  • Pastor Stan Breeden
  • Pastor David Simmerman
  • Pastor Rick Blevins

Prayer Team
Our Prayer Team is focused on praying for our Kingdom Initiative leaders and creating specific opportunities for all people in our church to pray for God's direction in their individual lives and the life of our church.

Promotion Team
Every member of our church family needs to be informed. The Promotion Team will create and distribute to the church family all communication regarding events and activities associated with the Kingdom Initiative.

Follow-Up Team
The Follow-Up Team will help our church family stay the course and will provide new members with opportunities to be involved in the Kingdom Initiative.

Event Team
The Event Team will plan, organize and implement special church wide events that coincide with the Kingdom Initiative. On November 11, our church will have a special day of commitment and celebration as we step forward with our response to the Kingdom Initiative.

Matthew 25:40